Sugaring is a pleasant way to remove unwanted hair, that leaves the skin beautifully soft and smooth.

It's the gentler way to remove face and body hair.
 Sugaring hair removal is a beauty ritual that has been passed down from Ancient Egyptian times.
 The very method of sugaring will give you a relaxed treatment because of the very nature of its application. This is because the sugar paste is applied in a gentle rubbing action which is like a massage to the skin.
 The paste is pressed to the selected area by hand. The paste only adheres to the hairs, and is then quickly pulled of in a flicking motion.
 The paste gently exfoliates the skin leaving it soft and smooth.The treatment feels relaxing due to the skin being touched and supported throughout. Hair is flicked out cleanly from the root.

Discover from a professional the natural way to remove unwanted hair:

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